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A moment of silence to honor the victims of last year’s Boston Marathon bombing.


A moment of silence to honor the victims of last year’s Boston Marathon bombing.

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President Barack Obama on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.

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Knife Blade

I’m a writer not a murderer

*I’m a cook not a murderer

I’m a murderer not a- aw fuck

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this actually happened

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Here's the Real Story Behind Stacey Campfield Pulling Out of That UT Event

Campfield was supposed to talk about these bills last Friday at an event co-sponsored by the UT Young College Democrats and Young College Republicans, but he prematurely pulled out.

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Amy Poehler trying to sit on VP Joe Biden’s lap on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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University of Tennessee College Democrats: The Thing About Stacey Campfield

Senator Campfield would rather take part in a campaign stunt than talk directly to constituents about his legislation that greatly affects them.

An Evening With(Out) Sen. Campfield

On Friday evening, College Democrats and College Republicans were supposed a student run Q&A with Stacey Campfield. Our intent for the event was for the students to be able to engage with their representative in a meaningful way and to hold Sen. Campfield accountable to his constituents’ voices.

The event was originally intended to be a town hall-style event, however at Sen. Campfield’s request we changed the format immediately to a conversational Q&A between the Senator and a moderator. We asked students to submit questions and received an exciting number of responses. Out of deference for the Senator’s position, we allowed him to view all of the submissions in order to prepare the articulate and thorough responses that the students deserve.

However, when he began to reject questions outright, such as “How you define membership to a student organization?” And “What response from your constituents would merit a change to the bills regarding student fees?” the negotiations began to deteriorate. Though at one point he agreed to take live student questions, during the debate, his office staffer would have had to approve the questions during the event.

Though we received a lot of backlash for hosting the event on campus, we ultimately believed educating our student voters was the right course of action. We had brought College Republicans on board to cosponsor the event to make it as clean, fair, and bipartisan as possible, however none of this satisfied Senator Campfield. He was uncooperative and negligent of his official responsibilities. We think it is a true shame that he would not come speak to his constituents directly.

Happy Presidents’ Day, y’all! Check out our facebook page for some fun facts about your favorite president.